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Since his emergence as the Oluwo of Iwo in Osun State (South Western Nigeria) Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1) has earned for himself a critical reputation enveloped with the garb of controversy. It appear to many observers that Oba Akanbi loves controversy. Right from his controversial chasing away of an Imam at the Iwo Yidi (praying ground) during a Muslim festival in April 2016, down to his de-robing of High Chief Abiola Ogundokun, an influential Iwo born elder statesman of his traditional and Islamic titles in April 2017, the young monarch has continued to drag more controversies to himself and the royal throne. Oba Abdulrasheed added to his plaque of controversies when he suddenly commanded his subjects to start addressing him as "Emperor" instead of "Oba" few months after his enthronement. He didn't stop there, he recently asked his subjects to start addressing him as "Emir" claiming that he is angry with Yoruba Obas and therefore would love to be addressed as "Emir" and as well relate with Emirs in northern Nigeria than Obas in southern Nigeria.
It will appear that this is the Oluwo that has rattled the royal seat so much since the stool came into being some 400 years ago. The Oluwo's controversial tussle with Oluwo Oke, Oba Akadiri and other royal fathers in Yoruba land is also prominent in the minds of people across the globe.
In a new interview with Asabe Afrika TV, renowned Prophet and Spiritual Head of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish (Europe and Nigeria) Prophet Dr. M.K.O. Tibetan traced the crisis of the enthronement of Oba Akanbi and gave spiritual insights into what is responsible for the royal misdemeanor of Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1 of Iwo land) .
Prophet Tibetan who returned from a 8-weeks evangelical tour of Europe where he launched two new books "Revelation 2018" (An annual Prediction book) and "Sermon Made Easy" a Bible inclined literature on sermons and the power of Bible quotations, gave his opinion on why the new Oluwo is misbehaving since he came to power.
Famously known as 'The Nostradamus of Our Time' Prophet MKO Tibetan reeled gave reasons why the Oba's case shouldn't be taken with kid's gloves.
He spoke to Asabe Afrika TV penultimate Saturday evening. Enjoy the video.