fish rain in india 2017

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Fish rain-india

1 лет назад

Fish rain in india...truck palat gaya.


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Fish raining in Thailand collected from BBC super natural video

1 лет назад

Please watch: "John Cena and Nikki Bella are engaged! ❤ Courtesy of WWE Network" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- fish ...

FISH RAIN DOWN FROM SKY - real or fake?

2 лет назад

In this video we take a look at a picture that claims to show piles and piles of fish that came down from the sky in a rain storm. We're also looking at a photo ...

Reason behind Fish rain in Andhra pradesh ll Fishes Fell from Sky -Part01 - Mahaa Telugu News

3 лет назад

Reason behind Fish rain in Andhra pradesh ll Fishes Fell from Sky - Mahaa Telugu News Subscribe for more News: Like us on FB@ ...

fish rain in india

3 лет назад

Documentary National Geographic.

Fish Rain Near Krishna River Vijayawada | Andhra Pradesh | INDIA

3 лет назад

An unusual fish rain in the Gollamudi village of Nandigama Mandal near Vijayawada thrilled the villagers early in the morning of Friday.

Fish Rain in Thailand

1 лет назад

When Fish, Spiders And Blood Pour From The Skies

2 лет назад

Sometimes, fish, spiders and red blood-like water pour down from the skies instead of the rain. Thailand recently got fish rain shower. In India too, Nasik had ...

Why Fish Rain Occur?? (Rain of Fish, Snakes and Frogs )| Scientific Explanation

2 лет назад

Why Fish and Frogs Fall From Sky? Why Clouds Suck Water From River, Lake or ocean?? You might Have Seen Clouds Sucking Water From River, Lake Or ...

fish rain

1 лет назад

it seam like rain of fish comming from cloud.

Fish Rains In Guntur And Krishna Districts | Special Focus | Part 2 | NTV

3 лет назад

Fish Rains in Guntur and Krishna Districts. The experts claim that heavy winds and storms must have thrown the fishes from lakes onto the fields. For more latest ...

Apocalypse Signs Fish falling Iran, China, India May 2018

4 меc назад

Apocalypse Signs Fish falling Iran, China, India May 2018 Events that are happening today, which are fulfilling prophecies related to the Return of Christ. We are ...

Fish Rain in Nuziveedu | Fishes Fall From the Sky | TV5 News

2 лет назад

For More Updates ▻ TV5 News Live ▻ Subscribe to TV5 News Channel: ▻ Download TV5 Android App: ...

The real story behind the 'Fish Rain' in Thailand

1 лет назад

There was this viral story a few days back about a fish rain in Thailand. Some reports claimed it actually rained fishes and these photos were used to back the ...

Fish Rain In SriLanka|Amazing Video

1 лет назад

Villagers in west Sri Lanka have benn surprised and delighted by an unusual rainfall of small fish .

Fish Raining in Thailand

1 лет назад

Fish Raining in Thailand.

It Rained Fish In Mexico

12 меc назад

Locals in the Mexican town of Tampico recently witnessed small fish falling from the sky during rainfall.

Shoking The fish rain in Thailand

1 лет назад

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Fish rain in india

2 меc назад

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How does fish rain take place? || Fish rain in India

6 меc назад

How does fish rain take place? The fish can't fly though — they get sucked up from lakes or the ocean by waterspouts during a storm. The strong winds in these ...