Mario Tennis Aces & Story - AntDude

2 нед. назад

Racketing a ball back and forth needs a gripping narrative. Let's look at Mario Tennis Aces and its story mode! ----------------------------------------- ▷ Enjoyed the ...

MORE Bad Crash Bandicoot Games ft. Caddicarus - AntDude

4 нед. назад

Of course, I wasn't done yet! Time to look at even MORE bad Crash Bandicoot games. This time featuring the good boi Caddicarus (Go watch him please he's a ...

Going to Too Many Games! - AntDude

1 мес. назад

More Info at: ----------------------------------------- ▷ Enjoyed the video? Subscribe!: ▷ Consider ...

Ant Reacts to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - AntDude

1 мес. назад

Full Reactions: Nintendo had their E3 2018 showcase finally. Here were my reactions! Was streamed on my Twitch at ...

Yoshi's Island Trilogy - AntDude

2 мес. назад

The lovable green dino has starred in quite a few games. Most famously, Yoshi's Island! Turns out that game has two direct sequels: Yoshi's Island DS & Yoshi's ...

MORE Mario ROM Hacks - AntDude

2 мес. назад

What do the Insane Clown Posse and Mario have in common? They're both in this video! It's time to take a look at some more Mario ROM Hacks! Covering ...

Rise & Fall of New Super Mario Bros. + Hacks - AntDude

2 мес. назад

Here's a new video on a "new" franchise that isn't exactly new now, but it was new at the time! Let's discuss the Rise & Fall of New Super Mario Bros., and talk ...

Nintendo Labo - AntDude

3 мес. назад

Nintendo, during the Switch's massive success, has started selling cardboard in the form of Nintendo Labo. Weird, right!

Spyro: A Hero's Tail - AntDude

3 мес. назад

With Spyro: The Reignited Trilogy finally being a thing, let's take a look at some more Spyro games! Starting here with the fifth main Spyro game, A Hero's Tail.

Smash Bros. Character Predictions - AntDude

3 мес. назад

The Smash Bros. Hype Train is here once again. So now it's time to take a look at what new characters have a chance of showing up!

Kirby: Star Allies - AntDude

4 мес. назад

Time for another Kirby game! We finally jump to the Nintendo Switch with Kirby: Star Allies! Check out BeatEmUps' video: ...

Non-Kirby Games by Kirby Devs - AntDude

4 мес. назад

Turns out HAL Labs, the team behind Kirby, made some Non-Kirby Games! Let's check some of them out! ----------------------------------------- ▷ Enjoyed the video?

Remembering WiiWare - AntDude

5 мес. назад

Use my link to get a 30-day ad-free trial of VRV Premium! The Wii Shop Channel will soon become obsolete, so before it's too late, let's take ...

Legendary Starfy: Kirby of the Sea - AntDude

5 мес. назад

When talking about Kirby just isn't enough, let's talk about his aquatic buddy Starfy in his only localized release, The Legendary Starfy for DS!

Kirby: Battle Royale - AntDude

6 мес. назад

Back to Kirby once again! This time, the 3DS gets one final entry in the franchise with Kirby: Battle Royale. ----------------------------------------- ▷ Enjoyed the video?

Top 10 Games of 2017 - AntDude

6 мес. назад

2017 had some video games. Let's talk about 10 of them! ----------------------------------------- ▷ Enjoyed the video? Subscribe!: ...

2018 Update! (Videos, Streaming, MAGFest!) - AntDude

7 мес. назад

2017 has come and gone; let's talk a bit about it and 2018! ----------------------------------------- ▷ Enjoyed the video? Subscribe!: ...

Mega Man ROM Hacks - AntDude

7 мес. назад

The Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man, has some fan creations of his own! Time to look at Mega Man ROM Hacks! ----------------------------------------- ▷ Enjoyed the ...

Nintendo Switch Buyer's Guide - AntDude

7 мес. назад

Use my link to get a 30-day ad-free trial of VRV Premium! The Nintendo Switch had a fantastic first year. Let's talk about it!

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games - AntDude

8 мес. назад

The Olympics have been invaded by weirdly proportioned humans, turtles, and hedgehogs. Everybody, run! Check out Sonic Mania Remixed by Tiny Waves!

Sonic Hacking Contest Announcement - AntDude

8 мес. назад

Check out my streams on Friday + Saturday: Visit the official Sonic Hacking Contest website: ...